Cupboo AI robotic pet

Cupboo is known as the King of Planet Lonely, and is far more than just another robotic toy.

The movements made by Cupboo are intuitive and are comprised of a complex steering mechanism containing an advanced computing chip technology.

Cupboo is a complex and sofisticated being from another planet, which makes it not only cuddly but also fragile, just like an ordinary living mammal. You must remember to be kind to Cupboo should you decide adoption is right for you.

There is nothing ordinary about it. Cupboo will respond differently based on your interactions. If you are ready for the extraordinary, click the button below!

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Become a faithful playmate for the child, warm the child's childhood with my soft fluff

As a considerate companion for the elderly, listen to those precious memories

Dispel loneliness and bring you a moment of comfort, find a bit of tranquility amidst fatigue